For Industry

Innovation doesn’t happen in a vacuum. It takes an infrastructure of brilliant minds, laboratories, and a commitment to think outside the box. It takes time and money to develop ideas. It takes teamwork. At Texas A&M Technology Commercialization (TTC), we’re working to get our researchers’ groundbreaking ideas into the market place, where they can do the most good for the most people. Our partnerships with private industry are vital to making that happen.

TTC: Your Partner from Day One

Strong partnerships with industry bring valuable research dollars to Texas A&M. Our goal at TTC is not simply to expedite license agreements, but to create flexible, long-term partnerships between industry and university researchers. Without industry, many discoveries made by our faculty would never reach the marketplace. TTC makes doing business with Texas A&M worth your while. If you think of it in R&D terms, we do the heavy lifting of the “R” for you. We offer cuttingedge ideas and technologies — tested and validated in Texas A&M laboratories — for development as profitable products for your target markets. And we do that by working on your behalf from Day One, before you even get to know us.

What Makes Us Different

Academic institutions can be difficult to work with, it’s true. But knowing this, Texas A&M and TTC encourage a different approach to partnering with industry. TTC partners with our academic departments during the early stages of research to help them prepare new ideas and technologies for the next step in the process: commercialization. As your partner in bringing these innovations to market, TTC:

  • Facilitates partnerships. Even though academia and the private sector have different goals, capitalizing on the strengths of each produces exceptional innovation. We represent our researchers’ interests best when we understand the commercialization and intellectual property goals of our private-sector partners.
  • Creates opportunity. Most university technology offices simply fill out the paperwork topatent and license discoveries. We keep private-sector interest in mind by working closely with our innovators to develop their ideas into fully formed opportunities aimed at your market place. In some cases, we even create companies to further develop discoveries to make them attractive to industry.
  • Delivers results. Since 2009, TTC has forged public-private partnerships with hundreds of companies, resulting in $2.4 billion in program efforts.

For more information:

Linda Ravey
Program Manager

Phone: (979) 317-1186

“TTC has made it easy for us to work with Texas A&M to innovate the next step in clean-energy production. Without TTC’s help, Dr. Hong-Cai Zhou’s revolutionary work with metal organic frameworks might never have made it out of the lab.”
- Jason Ornstein
Executive Director, framergy