New Ventures

The division of New Ventures is a unit under the Office of Technology Commercialization that works with researchers, entrepreneurs and investors to spin out new companies based on A&M System research. The division, which began in 2005, uses a proven method in identifying, analyzing and spinning out new ventures.

The New Ventures staff works with A&M System researchers to create (or spin out) companies around new ideas or technologies. The new company then seeks funding from private investors to help build the bridge between the researcher’s laboratory and a corporation’s willingness to adopt a product.

Spin-outs are another way for us to get the new products to the public and also create wealth through the resulting economic development for the community, State of Texas, and the Nation.

  • For the researchers we are often the solution to getting a technology to the marketplace to benefit society.
  • For the angel investors and venture capitalists we offer an opportunity to invest in leading edge, innovative technologies.
  • For industry we offer a new venture that will develop a technology to a proven state ready for you to acquire.
  • For experienced qualified CEOs we offer an opportunity to head a new company.

If you are interested in learning more about partnering with us on a spin-out company, please contact us at and include your CV and areas of interest.