3 Scan

3Scan Corp is developing 3D digital reconstruction of brain tissue, using a novel, faster, less expensive microscope technology. Building a map of connections in the brain, the connection is a critical step to understanding what makes the human brain unique. 3Scan creates new analytical perspectives on the structure of disorders such as cancer, cardiovascular disease, Alzheimer's, and strokes. The patented KnifeEdge Scanning Microscope allows cells, tissues, and organs to be seen in 3D at microscopic resolution. Immediate applications are in drug discovery, biotech, basic research, and will eventually be applied clinically. Current techniques are manually handled by humans, thus orders of magnitude slower and not suitable for 3D modeling.

Contact Megan Klimen

Byogy Renewables

Byogy Renewables, Inc. is a biofuels organization, headquartered in San Jose, California that produces advanced biofuels, namely jet fuel and gasoline from any source of bio ethanol. Byogy's fuels are direct renewable substitutes for petroleum based fuels. Their primary goal is to increase the long term profits of "ANY" ethanol producer and to provide commercial aviation, and military divisions, with a high quality alternative jet fuel to help alleviate the 100% dependence on jet fuel refined from crude oil. Their mission is become the low cost producer of the highest quality renewable jet fuel and gasoline in the world, and to act as a catalyst for the development of a global supply chain for these fuels.

Contact Kevin R. Weiss, PE, PLS, CEO & President

CartoFusion Technologies

CartoFusion is a software company that is monetizing its first product, SituMap, by 3 revenue streams: license; customization; and turn-key hardware + SituMap solutions. SituMap provides a digital platform for rapid and easy-to-use spatial planning and management applications. The application is designed to operate on any touch screen display and provides the unique capability of multi-user, multi-touch mapping as a collaboration platform for planning and emergency management.

Contact Richard Smith, PhD., GISP, President

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CorInnova is has developed a breakthrough technological platform for the treatment of heart failure. Utilizing the knowledge that aberrant cardiac motion leads to congestive heart failure by causing abnormal growth and remodeling of the heart, CorInnova has developed the CardiacSTAR(TM), a minimally invasive, direct cardiac compression device that restores normal cardiac motion to the heart through the application of gentle pressure. The CardiacSTAR will be the first heart assist device on the market that promotes healthy cardiac motion rather than heart ejection or flow. This restoration of normal cardiac motion enables the reversal of muscle damage, allowing the heart to remodel itself back to a normal, healthy state. This earlier stage medical device company's technology is poised to replace or work in conjunction with already existent treatments including invasive surgery, pharmaceuticals, and electrical and stem cell therapies.

Contact William Altman, President & CEO


DxUpClose, Inc. is developing a point of care bacterial diagnostic that will perform an antibiotic susceptibility test in sixty minutes. The product is designed to screen for specific bacteria, whether or not the sample has this particular bacteria, it will count the bacteria that are there and perform antibiotic susceptibility tests against those bacteria all within sixty minutes. At the end of the test, the product will securely send a list of effective antibiotics to the Healthcare worker’s email or smartphone, so results can be rapidly interpreted by a physician who can then either write a prescription or ePrescribe the appropriate antibiotic.

Contact Cyndi Nickel, CEO & President

ECM Technologies

ECM Technologies is a Houston based medical device company developing Designer Collagens for specific applications and providing a substantial improvement over current therapies, therefore giving patients a superior product. Through great strides in cellular biology, extracellular matrix biology, and medical device engineering ECMT is capable of using this proprietary information for the production of Designer Collagens as superior biomaterials. Designer Collagens are a pure material that can be produced inexpensively and without the use of animal facilities. ECMT envisions its first product candidates as modifications to existing products, such as a surgical mesh coating (hernia repair, adhesion prevention). Second generation products will focus on vascular coating for devices such as grafts, stents, and patches.

Contact Brooke Russell


Ecolyse derives its name from its mission to provide ecologically sound biological control for industry by causing problem bacteria, fungi or algae to burst, or "lyse". They commit to the principles of green chemistry and practices, and seek to implement more efficient use of contemporary chemical biocides and to develop policies, procedures and new naturally derived products for current users and suppliers. Ecolyse provides products and services to remediate pipeline corrosion, reservoir souring and ethanol production disruption as well as a variety of other bacterial, fungal and algae problems in industrial settings. Ecolyse provides a variety of services that complement their development of biocontrol products such as bacterial consulting investigations, monitoring, testing and training.

Contact James Lancaster, CEO


Framergy was founded in early 2011 by J.M. Ornstein to commercialize the groundbreaking innovations in Dr. HongCai Zhou’s laboratory at Texas A&M University. These discoveries enable industry to leverage the remarkable attributes of Metal Organic Frameworks in their businesses. Clean energy requires nano-techniques for trapping single molecules rather than populations of molecules while bypassing the perils of surface attachment chemistry. But managing the dynamics of a single molecule has been problematic. Until now… We have created precise molecule traps, opening up a new avenue of MOF design.

Contact Jason Ornstein, CEO & Founder
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Freight Shuttle Development Corp

The Freight Shuttle System is patented technology based upon proven concepts in transportation. Similar linear induction systems have been used successfully in airport passenger transports at New York’s JFK as well as in Beijing and Vancouver. A novel combination of technologies results in an innovative method to move freight in a cleaner, greener and more efficient way than is currently available. The system is composed of three primary components—electrical single unit transporters, elevated guide ways and convenient terminals—all linked together by an intelligent command, control and communications network. The system provides reliable, predictable point-to-point delivery of freight with zero emissions and no interruption of traffic.

Contact Robert Radovan, Chief Development Officer


LifeBot, a telemedicine solutions company, provides exclusive patented and military developed technologies for healthcare. These systems are used to send and receive live video, voice and patient vitalsign data transmissions primarily in support of heart, trauma and stroke victims. Telemedicine is the interactive exchange of medical information and care from one site to another via electronic communications to reduce risks, improve patients’ health status and reduce costs.

Contact Kerry Fletcher, Chief Operating Officer


Lisam Systems provides software and service solutions for Environmental Health and Safety compliance management of the chemical, energy, cosmetics, detergent, paint and coverings, and special chemicals industry sectors. Lisam America Inc. is a subsidiary of Lisam Systems SA, a leader in Environmental, Health and Safety (EH&S) software solutions, regulatory consultancy and documentation management. Its ExESS product combines SDS Authoring & Automation, REACH Management, Worldwide GHS Compliance, Regulatory & Data Libraries, Chemical Hazard Classification Calculations, and Multiregional & Multilingual capabilities.

Contact Andrew Nelson, CEO


LymphaCor Therapeutics Inc., is a RNA therapeutics company focused on alleviating inflammatory pathologies associated with the lymphatic system. The company is uniquely positioned to develop innovative intervention strategies and drug development harnessing the functions of regulatory RNAs that in turn control gene expression networks. LymphaCor is leveraging its core strengths in miRNA profiling, lymphatic dysfunction, medicinal chemistry, in vitro and in vivo analyses in different inflammatory disease models to screen, identify and modify specific target regulatory RNA in lymphatic disease specific pathways.

Contact Joe Jilka, CEO


MacuCLEAR, Inc. is focused on the design and development of small molecule products for ophthalmic treatments for agerelated diseases of the eye. MacuCLEAR is developing innovative eye drops for the leading causes of blindness and vision impairment such as Dry Age Related Macular Degeneration (dAMD) and Diabetic Retinopathy. MacuCLEAR is driving innovation with the development of an eye drop treatment for the dry form of AMD, which affects around 15 million Americans and 30 million people globally.

Contact B.B. Tuley, President/CEO
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Post Oak Pharmaceuticals

Post Oak Pharmaceuticals is an early stage development company focused on developing repurposed drug combinations that target cancer indications representing potentially billions of dollars of worldwide markets. Post Oak Pharmaceuticals seeks to advance repurposed drug combination products into oncology indications with unmet needs in order to obtain a guarantee of market exclusivity, attractive reimbursement, and highlikelihood of accelerated product approvals.

Contact LauraLee Hughes, CEO

Post Oak Traffic Systems

Post Oak Traffic Systems provides innovative, cost effective solutions for collecting and processing traffic data using anonymous wireless network addresses as probes. Its systems currently use anonymous addresses from Bluetooth™ network devices to identify probes and calculate travel times, speeds, and origin destination information on instrumented roadways.

Contact Darryl Puckett


Pulmotect, Inc. is a Houston based biotechnology company, developing products that boost the innate immune system to protect against a wide range of lung infections. Its technologies stimulate the body’s natural defenses to provide safe, broad-spectrum, fast-acting protection against bacterial pneumonia (including MRSA), influenza, fungal pneumonia, and Class A bioterror agents (including anthrax, tularemia, and plague).

Contact Brenton Scott, President & Cofounder

Rescue Therapeutics, Inc

Rescue Therapeutics, Inc. is developing a drug candidate invented by Texas A&M scientists that, when added to a cancer treatment regimen, make the chemotherapeutic more effective without added toxicities. The drug, RTI79 is being initially developed for ovarian cancer but has also showed signs in cancers as diverse as breast, colon, pancreatic, prostate and nonHodgkin's lymphoma.

Contact Dr. James Sacchettini, Chief Science Officer and Director

Shape Memory Therapeutics

Shape Memory Therapeutics is a medical device company founded to commercialize innovative medical devices based on Shape Memory Polymer (SMP) materials that were developed at Texas A&M University (TAMU) and Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL). SMT will leverage the unique properties of SMPs – high expansion capability and a low expansion force – for minimally invasive (endovascular) applications. The company is initially targeting the cerebral aneurysm market with potential platform followers in ischemic stroke and vulnerable plaque treatments.

Contact James Lancaster, President
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Stand2Learn is manufacturing and selling StandBiased desks and footrests which are the result of Dr. Mark Benden’s research at Texas A&M University. Stand2Learn offers desks and footrests for students and adults for learning and wellbeing. .

Contact Mack Westbrook, President


StarRotor a Bryan, Texas based engineering firm is commercializing an innovative engine design developed at Texas A&M University. The StarRotor engine is being designed to use the Brayton cycle instead of the Otto cycle found in almost all gasoline automobiles. It is predicted to be very efficient (45%60% efficiency compared to 15% to 20% efficiency of other engines) and to produce fewer pollutants than traditional engines. Like turbine engines, the StarRotor engine will be capable of running on many types of fuel, including but not limited to gasoline, kerosene, jet fuel, diesel, alcohol, methane, hydrogen, and vegetable oil.

Contact John Johnston, President

Stream Biomedical

Stream Biomedical, Inc. was founded to address unmet therapeutic needs for individuals suffering as a result of neurologic trauma and/or degeneration. The mission is to save brain capacity and associated function from potentially debilitating outcomes... to best preserve what makes us who we are. The initial target therapeutic application is for the treatment of acute stroke. Stroke is the #1 worldwide cause of disability.

Contact Gary Gage, CEO

Synfuels International

Synfuels International, Inc. was incorporated in 1999 in Texas with the challenge of developing, marketing and commercializing a portfolio of natural gas conversion processes which began with licensing rights to a novel technology from Texas A&M University. Under the guidance of management and the expertise of engineering, Synfuels International developed and now possesses the best and most comprehensive nonFischer Tropsch portfolio of natural gas conversion technologies in the world.

Contact Ben R. Weber, Jr., CEO, Chairman of the Board


SynSharkTM developed plant-derived squalene, with production in American tobacco fields where this resource is pressured to find alternative markets. Whether used as an adjuvant for vaccines or an emollient for cosmetics, the restrained squalene supply market is growing at hyper rates with high price points. The result of SynShark’s research is a pure squalene, which is normally sourced through the exploitation of millions of deep-sea sharks for their livers; an unnecessary biological disaster.

Contact Jason Ornstein, Executive Director
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TxESI has developed and is marketing products that will mitigate the effects of environmental toxins specifically aflatoxin and fumoninsin in food products and prevent aflatoxicosis in humans and animals. TxESI is currently conducting a Phase IIb clinical trial in Texas to evaluate the safety and efficacy of ACCS100 in persons exposed to aflatoxin ( search ACCS100) Additionally, TxESI has developed and marketed products that are the combination of Calcium Aluminosilicate (CAS) and Acidic Calcium Sulfate (ACSMionix Corporation) for animal and human preservative applications in the food and feed industries.

Contact Robert Carpenter, President

Veros Systems

Veros Systems enables industrial customers to maximize production by providing actionable intelligence on their electrically driven machines. Veros is the only company in the world that provides customers with continuous, nonintrusive, easily scalable, predictive monitoring of industrial asset reliability and energy use across an entire enterprise. Our Predictive Intelligence Platform analyzes 340 discrete reliability and energy efficiency metrics from voltage and current waveform data, then transforms that data into actionable intelligence for engineers, plant supervisors, and corporate executives. Users receive alerts (a better term might be forecasts) via email or SMS, warning them of an electrical or mechanical fault that may lead to a catastrophic failure sometime in the future. To dig deeper, they can turn to PIP's web based interface, or take advantage of its seamless integration with leading Enterprise Asset Management suites.

Contact Tommy E. Knight, Director & Cofounder